During the year, the Coastal Discovery Museum hosts between 6 and 8 temporary exhibits in the Discovery House’s Temporary Exhibit Gallery. The exhibits vary in theme and subject matter related to Lowcountry history, natural history and art. Visiting the Coastal Discovery Museum’s exhibitions will introduce you to the many facets of Hilton Head Island.

Depending upon the exhibition, there are often demonstrations, talks and workshops offered during the year. Some artists will paint in the gallery or ‘plein air’ on site during their show while others will present workshops about how to take nature photographs. For our younger visitors, several of the exhibitions feature ‘scavenger hunts’ or other activities.

Many exhibitions have ‘artist coffees,’ demonstrations or classes offered during their installation. Here you can meet the many of the exhibiting artists at gallery walks and coffees. It is a great opportunity to get to know the artists, their methods and vision for their works.

Please contact the Museum or check the event calendar for more information.

Click here to learn more about exhibiting at the Coastal Discovery Museum. Applications are accepted from individuals, groups, associations, not-for-profit organizations, galleries, or museums.

Inspired Threads

September 25th – December 2nd – Opening Reception, 5-7 PM on Thursday, October 3rd
Meet the Artists – Gallery Walk 12:30 – 2 PM – 10/4 Peg Weschke, 10/11 Shaaron Thomas, 10/18 Donna Stankiewicz & Jody Wigton, 10/25 Ron Hodge.

“Inspired Threads” is a Fiber Art exhibit at the Coastal Discovery Museum Gallery at Honey Horn Plantation. This colorful collection ranges from large to small and from realistic to abstract art. It is presented by the Art Quilters of the Lowcountry – four gals and a guy: Ron Hodge, Donna Stankiewicz, Shaaron Thomas, Peg Weschke and Jody Wigton.

‘Inspired Threads” celebrates Fiber Art and its unique ability, using various textures and quilting, to create the illusion of a 3rd dimension.   This collection of over 50 works of fiber art is presented by the Art Quilters of the Lowcountry.  The show includes artwork that ranges from large to small pieces and from abstract to realistic. “Inspired Threads” is a part of the annual “Crescendo” Festival – celebrating Art, Culture, and Heritage on Hilton Head Island.

About the Artists:

The Art Quilters of the Low Country are five award-winning fiber artists who share a passion for creating art using fabric and thread.  The Quilters are 4 gals and a guy, Ron Hodge, Jody Wigton, Peg Weschke, Donna Stankiewicz and Shaaron Thomas.

Ron creates his art using various fabrics but there is always one constant – his precision piecing and bead work.  Donna paints her fabric with various dyes and then embellishes with applique and thread painting.  Shaaron is an incredible artist who paints on silk and then thread paints and quilts her work.  Peg creates fiber collages to realistically portray lowcountry scenes and Jody uses color and improvisational piecing to create beautiful abstract art.  There are five unique styles that together create an interesting and amazing fiber art show.  They hope that their joy of creation and passion for fiber art brings smiles and enjoyment to those that view it!

About the Group: 

About 6 years ago, Peg and Ron met at a Palmetto Quilt Guild meeting. They shared a common interest in fiber art/art quilts versus traditional quilting.  They formed an interest group/bee, within the Guild called “Outside the Block”.  This group meets monthly and continues to grow and attract beginner as well as skilled fiber artists.  Shaaron wasn’t a quilter but heard about the group and came to the meetings.  Jody and Donna were members of several Savannah fiber groups but heard about and then also started to come to the monthly meetings.  About five years ago, Ron and Peg realized that they were also interested in exhibiting and selling their art and formed the Art Quilters of the Lowcountry.   Shaaron and then Jody and Donna were invited to join the group based on the quality of their art and the fact that their styles were different but complimentary.   Over the years, they’ve collaborated to install multiple exhibitions and demonstrations and, as importantly, they’ve become good friends.


Encore! A Collection of Works by Amiri Farris

Sea Island Room – October 11th – November 30th

This exhibition of works by Amiri Farris is comprised of large scale paintings, assemblages and multimedia works that take the viewer on an introspective journey, deep into the artist’s conscience. Each piece is an unfiltered look into the artist’s reality, as seen through the prism and influence of diaspora, culture, memory and perception.  Artwork explores performance and a celebration of history and culture.

This exhibition is part of the Arts and Cultural Council of Hilton Head’s annual “Crescendo” Festival – Celebrating Art, Culture, and Heritage. Over 75 different events are scheduled during this year’s festival (October 10 – November 15) including theatrical performances, concerts, exhibits, tours, talks, films, workshops, poetry readings and more!


Contrasts and Colour

A Collection of Works from Les Bonnes Artistes
December 9th – February 21st (Opening Reception – January 15th, 2020)

Delicate watercolors, dynamic collages, luscious oil paintings and innovative printmaking are among the mediums you will see at this year’s exhibit from Les Bonnes Artistes. According to Joyce Nagel, “The title, Contrasts & Colour, brings to you their interpretations and inspirations of these exciting visual candies of their art visions.”

Les Bonnes Artistes is an informal artist group founded by Doris Shay in 2007. The artists meet monthly to share ideas on various aspects of seeing, doing, and exhibiting art. The group has shown its work at various Hilton Head Island venues over for over a decade.

This year’s group includes Joanna Chalson, Annie Coughlin, Jo Dye, Joyce Nagel, Nancy Ridgway, Doris Shay, Barbara Spencer, Dorothy Steelman, Donna Varner, Irene Williamson, and Emily Wilson. Though the membership of the group may have changed over the years, the goal has remained the same: to encourage the production of fine art in each artist’s medium.

All are welcome to attend the artists’ reception in the gallery on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 from 5:00 – 7:00 P.M. Come see the art and meet the artists at this fine exhibit.



Art Beyond Tradition

March 1st – April 30th