During the year, the Coastal Discovery Museum hosts between 6 and 8 temporary exhibits in the Discovery House’s Temporary Exhibit Gallery. The exhibits vary in theme and subject matter related to Lowcountry history, natural history and art. Visiting the Coastal Discovery Museum’s exhibitions will introduce you to the many facets of Hilton Head Island.

Depending upon the exhibition, there are often demonstrations, talks and workshops offered during the year. Some artists will paint in the gallery or ‘plein air’ on site during their show while others will present workshops about how to take nature photographs. For our younger visitors, several of the exhibitions feature ‘scavenger hunts’ or other activities.

Many exhibitions have ‘artist coffees,’ demonstrations or classes offered during their installation. Here you can meet the many of the exhibiting artists at gallery walks and coffees. It is a great opportunity to get to know the artists, their methods and vision for their works.

Please contact the Museum or check the event calendar for more information.


“Where Nature Meets Art” – Featuring the Artists of Spring Island

March 1st – April 30th – Opening Reception: Saturday, March 2nd – 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM – Meet the artists 12 – 2 PM each Thursday

The Coastal Discovery Museum is pleased to announce its upcoming temporary exhibition, “Where Nature Meets Art.” Offered by the Artists of Spring Island, this exhibition will provide a glimpse into the beauty of one of our neighboring islands. Spring Island’s focus upon preservation and environmental conservation are complementary to the Coastal Discovery Museum’s recently adopted mission to “inspire people to care for the Lowcountry.” Visit the museum to see the works from some Spring Island artists who have gained an appreciation for our area’s unique culture, heritage, and environment.

Spring Island is celebrating its 29th year, and so is its Arts Program. At its inception in 1990, the developers of Spring Island wanted to ensure the preservation of the cultural history of the Island and the preservation of its stunning environmental beauty. Both are woven into the fabric that is Spring Island.

The Spring Island Arts Program’s mission is to honor and expand the Island’s impact on the culture and artistic legacy of the Lowcountry. This mission is also foundational to the community. The Founders wanted to invite artists to visit the Island, experience its beauty, find rejuvenation, and gain inspiration for their art. The artists in turn leave an original piece of art, created on the Island, to add to Spring Island’s Collection (now totaling nearly 200 works) that may be enjoyed by its Members in perpetuity.

The members of the Artists of Spring Island have varied backgrounds. Some of them are relatively new to creating art, gaining instruction and inspiration from their surroundings and their participation in the program’s workshops and classes. Other artists were more firmly established in the artistic community, either having participated in an art-related career or having received formal training before moving to Spring Island. Regardless of the experience level of the artists, all the Members benefit from the Visiting Artists’ knowledge and craft by participating in workshops and classes. The growth of the Arts Program has brought about specific member driven focus groups in Ceramics, Metalworking, Painting, Photography and Floral.