Have you ever wondered what leaves those holes in the sand at the beach? Do you know why the island is named “Hilton Head”? Have you ever seen a fiddler crab ‘wave’ at you and wanted to know why?

To answer these questions and more, the Coastal Discovery Museum offers a variety of guided walks, talks, cruises and excursions throughout the year. Activities for all ages are available at the museum’s historic Honey Horn location and off site in nearby waterways, beaches or historic sites. The Coastal Discovery Museum will inspire you to care for the Lowcountry!

  • Explore our coastal waterways on a variety of different cruises that will suit your interests –  birding, under the water, dolphins or a leisurely kayak through the marsh.
  • Learn about this area’s rich cultural heritage through a docent-led talk at the Museum. Find out what historic sites are available for guided or unguided exploration.
  • Many of our programs and activities are offered year-round, however, please check to see if we have special tours or lectures during your planned visit. Some activities are only offered during a particular season.
  • The Coastal Discovery Museum offers a glimpse into Hilton Head Island’s history, culture and environment through a museum-led program, tour or cruise.