2023 Fall Native Plant SaleSeptember 1, 2023 | Coastal Discovery Museum
Beach House Hilton Head Island Donates to Coastal Discovery MuseumSeptember 7, 2023
September 7, 2023


2023 Fall Native Plant Sale

The Purple Passionflower is a native vine. The beautiful summer blossoms attract a variety of pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. The vine is also the host plant for the Gulf Fritillary and Zebra Longwing butterflies.


Hilton Head Island, SC – The Coastal Discovery Museum’s popular Native Plant Sale returns this Fall on Saturday, September 23rd from 10am to 1pm. The museum will have over 90 native plant species to cover diverse landscaping needs, from climbing vines to blooming bushes to butterfly friendly landscaping. Native plants have the advantage of being adapted to the local environment and therefore require little to no care at all. Native plants are also used by local wildlife in a number of ways and are perfect for attracting pollinators. The museum will have the majority of native Lowcountry butterfly host plants, which are used by native butterflies to lay their eggs and raise their larvae, and without which they cannot survive.

Museum volunteers and representatives from the Lowcountry Master Gardeners will be available to explain the value of the different species and answer questions. This is a great opportunity to enhance your garden with plants that require little care and provide important benefits to the environment, all at an affordable price.

Please join us for this unique event!

Mon.-Sat. 9am-4:30pm | Sun. 11am-3pm FREE ADMISSION