While we are unable to hold our annual Art Market at Historic Honey Horn this year, we invite you to visit our artists at their websites or social media pages. Scroll through their original artwork instead of strolling under our historic oaks. These artists will be featured on our Facebook Event (Virtual Art Market) through late May. We hope that you’ll find something special to purchase to help support our participating artists. And, mark your calendar now for the 2021 Art Market – April 24-25.

Artist statements, links, and images below.

Randall Arts (David Randall) – Pastel  – Randall was born into several generations of artists and raised in the suburban surroundings of northern New Jersey.  He began studying drawing, painting and sculpture in NYC at the National Academy of Fine Arts and then at the New York Studio School many of the leading figures of the, “Abstract expressionist” movement in New York. He soon moved to Bennington, VT where he enjoyed the country landscape. In the late seventies he relocated to Manhattan. He continued to explore both figurative and city environments from subway bag ladies to scenes of his Fulton Fish Market neighborhood. He grew tired of city loft life however and left for Newport, RI in 1981. The New England rocky seacoast became his new environment. Changing mediums can be a process of discovery and is a voyage of discovery always being in transition. The process is somewhat uncomfortable by necessity. Without growth and change, there is a kind of death in repetition. It requires a kind of rebirth and seeing in new ways to remain both flexible
and vulnerable. In 2004 he moved to Bluffton, South Carolina and is creating a suite of Hilton Head Island imagery near his home covering both local icons and universal images based on the area. He has work is in both corporate and private collections.

Barbara Umbel Jewelry Design – fine seashell jewelry –   https://www.facebook.com/barbaraumbel/  https://www.instagram.com/urchinjewel/ – We design one of a kind jewelry made out of sea urchins and shells, inspired by our natural surroundings. We aim to capture the movement of the mythical sea creatures Barbara dreams up, as well as the tropical foliage that thrives in our Florida homestead.We build settings for the shells and stones out of gold sheets and wires, sculpting the silver by forging round sterling wires on an anvil to achieve a fluid sense of motion. Traditional blacksmithing techniques and hand tools are the foundation of our metals practice. Barbara and Rick live in Indian Harbour Beach, FL. She studied art and metalsmithing at Towson State University in Baltimore, MD. The two of them have been a team since 2001, collecting shells, making jewelry, and traveling around the country.

Murray Sease / Fresh Paint – Original Oil Paintings – I am a painter, illustrator and designer. Painting is my passion. I’m inspired by the amazing world around me and do my best to capture it on canvas with a colorful, lively style.






Copperman and Woman – Whimsical Copper Garden Art – Our unique copper critters have graced the homes of many garden lovers throughout the United States and abroad for more than 40 years. Each creation is hand cut and crafted from our original design using all copper purchased from our local distributors. Using copper brazing rods, for stability, each piece is brazed together, cleaned in a vinegar/water bath, hand painted using a metal dye intended for outdoor use and finally clear coated to seal and add shine.

Textile Design by Heather Hand Painted – Wearable Fiber -I am a textile designer and artist from Zimbabwe with over four decades of design experience, currently residing in North Carolina. I hand paint natural fabrics with different methods, such as Batik, Shibori and watercolor applications, and then sew them into shawls and women’s tops. All of my creations are unique and one of a kind so no two are exactly alike. My designs and color combinations are inspired from my upbringing in Zimbabwe’s surroundings.




Madera Exotic Wood Bowls – Wood – As a teenager, I spent several summers working for my uncle, a house builder in North Carolina. Mostly, I picked up trash and nailed blocking in place, but I was thoroughly bitten by the “sawdust bug”–and when I finished four years of unrelated college, I went into construction full time and have been a builder working with and appreciating wood ever since. 

Marianne Stillwagon – Acrylic – I began my art career as a freelance graphic designer with a B.S. in Design from Rivier University in New Hampshire. Since 1976 I have been pursuing my first love, painting. I have a studio in New Hampshire and also in the LowCountry of South Carolina. My art has been sold in many select galleries throughout the US and is also found in many private collections here and abroad. I am an exhibiting member of the New Hampshire Art Association, the Monadnock Area Art Association, Washington Area Artisans, So Irtysh of Bluffton Artists and the National Association of Women Artists..National and South Carolina Chapters.

Judy Blahut Studios – Acrylic –   Instagram: judyblahutstudios -Growing up in a family of artists made art a very important part of my life. My love of painting landed me at Syracuse University, where I received a BFA in painting in 1984. I have been painting ever since. I have had a very fortunate and full life that has given me many opportunities for using my creativity and artistic abilities. I have worn many hats: mother, art teacher, Montessori teacher, head of school and college faculty member. The hat that never comes off is that of artist. My paintings are an extension of my emotional and physical life. They are the most authentic part of me. Nature has always called to me. My newest works explore the difference between what is actually seen and what is masked behind the form of an object. I am interested in the secret areas that exist within the shape of a natural subject like a flower or a shell. I look beyond the form by deconstructing its parts and putting them back together in a new way. Most of the outcomes are fairly abstract, allowing the viewer to understand more about the subject than its actual appearance. The form, which gives a verbal association to an object, is no longer necessary. A new experience with the object now exists.

Holly Pobis / Marsh & Light – Hand-painted Original Photography – IG: @marshandlight / FB:
https://bit.ly/2xqYemm – As a South Carolina native, I began my business to share the unique beauty of the SC Lowcountry through my original art. The PhotoColours series features original black and white photographs, taken in the South Carolina Lowcountry and selectively painted with watercolors. The use of light and color, especially the cool greens and blues of the sea and marsh, is essential in all my creations.


Sachs Design Inc. – Metals, Lapidary, Jewelry – I Love what I do! I come from a family of incredibly creative people, as a 4th generation artist in my family. The reason I do what I do is to become independent and not to have to rely on anyone for anything. I have been able to offer my clients an authentic experience that comes with a little bit of me. Cutting my own gemstones is a passion of mine that I feel is important to share with my clients. I offer a unique and personal buying experience that sets me apart from my competition because I offer my clients a whole experience from start to finish. Selling custom gemstone jewelry is a complete joy for me, I love helping people find that special gemstone and creating a piece to make them happy. I absolutely LOVE what I do, and it shows with all my clients. I have a loyal following, and even have become close with many of my clients. My Education has helped me leaps and bounds, I have an MFA from the City University of NY, and a BFA from Alfred University.

Kathy Oda/KODA Glass Designs – Kiln-formed glass –   @kodaglass – My love affair with glass started over 20 years ago as part of a mid-life crisis in an attempt to balance my corporate and personal lives. Working out of my Lady’s Island home based studio in South Carolina, I found the balance I needed and work full-time as a glass artist. I find am drawn to the illusion of texture and movement found in glass and try to incorporate it in my sculptural and functional kiln-fired glass art. With references to fossil forms, my work often suggests a sort of time suspension like that experienced viewing an ancient insect trapped in amber. Because of the transparency of the glass I use, the finished work is always affected by its surroundings and so further and unpredictable influences will come to bear on the final art piece. I can’t imagine doing anything else. How often do we get the chance to do something that we love?  

Michele Blank/ a Work of Art Glass Studio – Glass – over 45 years of working in glass. All designs are original, one of a kind. Custom work welcome. Tiffany foil technique. Inclusions of artist created fused and blown glass 





Donna Thome – ISAJUL – Jewelry – @isajuljewelry on instagram – art to wear sterling silver jewelry by donna thome -“The interplay between the imagined & the real, memory & the present moment, intent & happenstance keep my process alive and engaging”.



Lisa Tevia Clark & Jim Clark– Art Tile Mosaics – Clay –  Lisa carves & impresses porcelain clay, to make the elements of her original handmade porcelain mosaics. She uses raw materials to develop her own high fired glazes which imbue her mosaics with a wide range of color & texture. Lisa and her partner, Jim Clark, create one of a kind, durable mosaics, designed to hang or to become an artistic focal point in permanent tile installations. Suitable for a kitchen, shower, bath or fireplace surround. Lisa & Jim founded Bella Vista Tile in 2003 and have worked with private clients to enhance their homes with handmade decorative tile and mosaics ever since.

JAGcollections – Sterling Silver – Retired Dance Educator who “choreographs” in sterling silver. Forge, cast, and fabricate wearable art jewelry.





Trotter Arts – Photography printed on Satin Fabric – Facebook & Instagram @trotterarts – Trotter Arts is a husband and wife team focused on 2D art. Lynne’s love for photography and fabrics pushed us in the direction of dye-sublimation printing on satin fabric. We desired a finish that could be gallery wrapped without the glare of glass. After experimentation, we found a material and process that produces bright, deep color transitions with a light sheen and no glare. The gallery wrapped final product can be displayed with or without additional framing. We hand stretch and mount each piece in our home studio to ensure the level of quality that we expect. Many of our customers tell us that our products are unique and that they love the quality, vibrancy and crispness of the satin prints. The Satin Print has a unique look, between a printed canvas and a print on metal.

Elizabeth Borowsky / Elizabeth b. Ceramics – Porcelain Clay – Elizabeth lives in the beautiful low country of South Carolina with her husband and 5 children. She spends her mornings homeschooling her children and her afternoons working in porcelain. Elizabeth is inspired by both nature and architecture. Her work is known for its intricate repetitive texure and pierced patterns leading to work that is simultaneously simple and complex.  




Al Leitch – Pastel – With engineering and business degrees, I pursued an academic career where: I held endowed professorships, taught thousands of students, published over 60 articles, and coauthored three books. I renewed my love of art upon retirement from USC by taking numerous workshops. I have been active in the Columbia art community serving as workshop coordinator, Vice President and President of the Crooked Creek Art League. In addition to showing my art in Columbia, where I won several awards, and in Charleston; I was juried into the Southeastern Pastel Society’s 17th, 18th and 19th International Exhibits in Atlanta; Southeastern Pastel Society’s Exhibition in Roswell, GA; Appalachian Pastel Society’s 2018 Show; Artfields 2017; and 2019 Art Market at Honey Horn on Hilton Head. I participated in a six-person show at the Center for the Arts at USC Beaufort and in my reunion’s 2017 art Exhibit at Cornell University. I’m a member of the Village Artists Gallery in Columbia.

Sug. O’Shen Global Collective – Mixed Media – Ink and Ocean Water – www.space324.com / @sug.oshen Instagram – My goal as an artist was to figure out how everyone could take home the ocean. I began using a very fluid and unpredictable medium, alcohol ink, which to me represents the ocean’s characteristics, and adding ocean water directly into the ink used in each piece of art. At first I received ocean water from friends that would collect water during their travels and add it into my inks. Today I create commissions for people all over the world with water that they have sent me from somewhere that is meaningful to them. The art becomes an intimate part of them because they are physically contributing to their artwork. 


Susan Marling/Marling Originals – Wearable Fiber – Art is Best when Worn! My marbled art garments allow you to showcase your personality!






Eric Moore – Stone, wood & copper  (Mixed Media Sculpture) – I work with a combination of stone, wood and metals to craft and sculpt my pieces. My inspiration derives from anywhere and anything. It may be watching me from a nearby tree or lurking in the kitchen drawer.




Visions to Remember – Photography – I am a Visionary Nature Artist Photographer. I often draw /paint on and alter my photographs.






Shelby Dillon Studio – Acrylic Painting – Shelby’s heart beats to the joy of wandering, of dreaming, and adventuring. She loves a long brunch with friends, bubbly on the beach, and impromptu dance parties in the studio. Shelby loves staying up late and laughing until her face hurts from smiling. She believe in sparks, in spontaneous luxury; and enriching life through fresh experiences and designs. SDS grew out of the amazing adventures Shelby had as a newlywed expat living in Southeast Asia and South America. She learned to embrace the unexpected and peek down the road less traveled. Shelby translates the beauty of this crazy world, exotic and familiar, into art, home decor and accessories that can be incorporated into everyday life. She draws on her experience as an artist to capture that sense of wonder and adventure and bring it to others. All of her designs are inspired by these travels, and are made to help everyone embrace their individual adventure each and every day.


Karen Langley Fine Art – Oil on Canvas or Linen




Jackie Maloney – Watercolor and Ink -instagram.com/jackiemaloney.artist – Jackie Maloney is an illustrator based in Hampton Bays, NY. Her whimsical & often humorous illustrations are inspired by her love of the beach, fresh food & spending time outside. In the spring of 2015, she completed illustrating a cookbook featuring New England recipes titled, The Shelter Island 36 by Chef Jason Casey. Jackie can be found exhibiting at many art festivals throughout the East Coast. Jackie also enjoys beach days, puns, and snuggling with her furry studio assistant, Cole the Cat.

Kristine Kennedy/KKennedyDesigns – Mixed Media Jewelry – Stemming from a passion for mixed media art fueled by a voracious curiosity for innovation in craft, KKennedyDesigns incorporates a range of mediums from fine and alternative metals to polymer clays, recycled salvage, en caustic, found items (shells, sea glass) and repurposed vintage finds. Kristine Kennedy, the founder of and lead designer for KKennedyDesigns, has built the company modeled on her own multi-faceted artistic background. Not only is Kristine a jewelry designer, but also a Production Designer, decorative arts crafts person and fine artist. Trained as a film maker at NYU and with a Masters Degree in Scenic Design from UNCSA, she honed her craft in design and fabrication. The organic and evolving style of KKennedyDesigns is in part due to this training and Kristine’s career as a Production Designer and Art Director in film, television and theater production. This unique experience allowed her to develop jewelry designs that are wrapped in the shroud of story. Storytelling is at the core of all KKennedyDesigns artistic expression. As a result, our products transport the wearer, observer or participant to new worlds, on personal journeys. It is the personal and relevant experience we create that differentiates our work. Presently, we are focusing on the concept of sustainability. This commitment extends to how we source our materials, as well as the lines we are choosing to develop and the causes we celebrate. Our new line, Milk and Honey, celebrates our pollinators and all they do for us.

Nancy Adams – Gourd and BoardMy art is an evolving process striving to incorporate painting, carving, wood burning, and sculpting with sustainable natural materials.






Nathan Favors – BowlmakerAll of my work is designed and executed by me from concept to completion using local and exotic woods. My goal is to let the wood speak and be what it wants to be , to let mother nature dictate the natural lines of the design. Website under development – contact at nathanfavors@verizon.com




Valerie Lamott DesignsHeavily influenced by time spent playing outdoors, Valerie creates one of a kind sterling silver and gemstone jewelry.





Hugh Wayne PotteryHugh Wayne, a resident of Beaufort, South Carolina, makes coastal themed stoneware pottery. His work is functional as well as decorative.




Knit Happens by Gini SteeleLearning the art of knitting from both her mother and grandmother, Gini Steele creates contemporary, lightweight hand knit women’s accessories.






Sue Gouse – Oil – Painting only in oil using 4 different styles (from plein air to my own “confetti” impressionistic), everything except portraits. East Coastal (Savannah, HHI and surrounding areas) and Mountain scenes abound, along with travel destinations. After having my gallery in Savannah City Market for 12 years, I am now splitting my time between the West Coast of Florida and the mountains of Western North Carolina. Fine art paper and canvas giclee available.



Nicole Robinson –  Photography – As a landscape and nature photographer, she creates expressive images of the enduring beauty in ordinary places. The changing landscape gives the opportunity to create an elegant image from a less than perfect circumstances. Her technique is a dream like vision… a moment to be whisked away by the sea that leaves her impression forever on your soul. Nicole has called The Carolinas home for more than 25 years. From the Appalachian Mountains to the coastal low country, one doesn’t have to travel far to bask in all that nature has to offer. I am a construction industry professional by trade but a photographer by heart. The intricate details of a scene attract my attention; it might be the light teasing me to a spot hidden away or the texture of a simple subject or the pondering of a reflection or a shadow that changes as you step toward it.

She is a self-taught photographic artist working with film in the late eighties to transitioning to digital in 2008. Her recent practice has been to capture in camera, light and motion with slow shutter speed, long exposures and intentional blur in everyday elements. There has to be more that you derive from an image than just documentation of being in a certain place or time. If the image provokes thought or questions or stirs desire; there is where she finds success of her art.

Cat Wondergem – printmaking – linocut and watercolor – Life is an adventure, and I want my pieces to be a visual representation of that. I want my compositions to flow. I want my colors to burst. My hope is when folks look at my work, they feel empowered to go be free, if only for a moment, because that adventure is waiting for all of us.



 Marcee Musgrove, White Lotus Arts – Acrylic Paintings and Wearable Silk Art – Marcee Musgrove is a professional artist specializing in abstract landscapes and architectural imagery utilizing acrylic and mixed media. Her Love of silk and its luminosity has led to 10 years of the exploration and creation of wearable silk art.


John D Donehue/ Ideas In Metal ! – Metal Sculpture- mixed media – @ideasinmetalsc