The Coastal Discovery Museum is a beloved community institution with a special place in the hearts of both local residents and visitors from around the country. Generations of school children have discovered the wonders of the Lowcountry here; retirees transplanted from afar have learned what makes this place so unique; and, families return every summer to enjoy the numerous programs offered for all ages. The Museum began in a storefront in 1985 with a focus on ecotourism. Later we shifted to a welcome center while adding significant educational components, and then truly blossomed in 2007 when we moved operations to the historic 68-acre Honey Horn property.

From its inception, the Museum has remained committed to its roots of preserving the local environment, history, culture and arts. These areas will continue to be our primary focus, but will have greater impact as stories about our local environment also inspire our visitors to take positive action in their own communities.

In June 2015, the Board, staff, and many stakeholders began working with Gail Anderson & Associates to develop a Strategic Framework that would establish the Museum’s mission, vision, and values for the next ten years. Building upon the success of this project, and with generous funding from the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, the Museum finalized a comprehensive Strategic Plan in late 2016.
We are deeply appreciative of our various stakeholders – especially our staff, board members, community leaders, the Community Foundation, and Gail Anderson – for enabling the development of this new Strategic Plan that will guide us to continued success in the future.

Click here to for a PDF of the Strategic Plan

This comprehensive Strategic Plan has been made possible through a grant from the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry. The Community Foundation is a leader in making positive and sustainable change in our area, and they have made a significant and lasting contribution to the Museum, the island, and our community through their support of this project.