Specimen Trees at Honey Horn

Several massive live oaks are spread throughout the property; many planted in the early 1800′s. The Honey Horn venue also is home to a former state champion Southern Red Cedar tree, one of the largest of its kind in South Carolina, with an estimated germination date of 1595! Among the species found at Honey Horn are trees planted by previous owners for decorative purposes such as Bald Cypress, Dogwood, Ginkgo and Southern Magnolias. There are others that were planted for their valuable fruit, such as pecans. Keep an eye out for other species around the site such as toothache trees, red cedars, loblolly pines, the hackberry and others. Many trees on site have interpretive signs identifying species and providing historic or biological information.

IMG_3287_editedMarsh Front Boardwalks

Explore the 3 educational boardwalks that extend into Jarvis Creek, a tidal creek bordering the Museum’s property. These boardwalks have interpretive panels that explain the natural and cultural aspects of the waterways/estuaries found on Hilton Head Island as well as details regarding the abundant marine life in the salt marshes.

birdseye view theaterBird’s-Eye View Theater

This unique outdoor theater is the site of public programs that the Museum offers on a year round basis. The designer/artist is Walter Palmer. He is a well known artisan whose bronze sculptures grace the tops of fountains, pools, and other public spaces throughout the Lowcountry. The seats are designed as cresting ocean waves that seat about 30 people.

Replica Shell Ring

Modeled after shell rings that were built by local Native Americans as far back as 4,000 years ago, the Coastal Discovery Museum replica is built with real Native American oyster, whelk, and clam shells, animal bones and other historic materials.

IMG_3585_editedMary Ann Peeples Pavilion

This structure, built in 2006, is named after an ardent Museum supporter who helped raise the initial capital funds to renovate and develop Honey Horn as you see it today. The Pavilion is the site of many Hilton Head Island activities at the Coastal Discovery Museum including special events, school and public programming, private parties, and weddings. The Pavilion is surrounded by some of the most majestic live oaks on the property and furnished with a number of picnic tables.

Muscadine Grape Arbor

The Muscadine Grape Arbor’s history can be traced back to the hunting era at Honey Horn when this native grape was harvested for wine and preserves. Historic photographs show the grape arbor in existence on the property as early as 1940.