Visiting the Discovery House’s permanent exhibits is the best way to get an introduction to Hilton Head Island’s history and environment. In addition, you’ll find an interactive ‘touch screen’ exhibit that makes connections between many of our natural history and cultural heritage stories. Hear interviews with influential islanders and historic figures, see a video of a nesting loggerhead sea turtle, or find out more about Native American pottery in this educational exhibit.

Can you imagine what Hilton Head Island was like before the bridge was built in 1956? While this area is known best for its modern resort history, these exhibits address the history of this barrier island long before it was known for golf courses and beaches.

Want to find out what some of those shells are that you found at the beach? Our exhibits can help you identify some of the common ones that are collected on our 12 miles of beachfront.

Why are there so many alligators on the Island? These amazing reptiles call our Lowcountry area home and it’s not unusual to find them basking on the banks of a lagoon on a sunny and warm day. Find out about their habitat and how you can safely watch them.

Now on View

Fabulous Fiber

September 13th – October 29th (Opening Reception, September 16th 5-7 PM)

Demonstrations and discussions – 10 AM – 12 PM on 9/27, 10/11, and 10/25

logo starting point with needle and brushThe Art Quilters are a cooperative of award-winning fabric artists who design, quilt, exhibit and have a passion to teach their craft.  Their work ranges from the large and abstract to intimate renderings of natural scenes and flora and fauna.

The Quilters call themselves “four gals and a guy” – Ron Hodge, Donna Stankiewicz, Shaaron Thomas, Peg Weschke and Jody Wigton.

Ron creates his art with various fabrics including linen, velvet, organza and many others but there is always one constant – his beautiful beading.  Donna paints her fabric with various paint mediums and then embellishes with applique and thread painting.  Shaaron is an incredible artist who paints on silk and then quilts and embellishes with beads and thread painting.  Peg creates realistic scenes of the beauty of the low country with fabric collages or embroidery.  Jody uses color and improvisational piecing to create beautiful abstract art. Each artist has a unique approach to their art that, when brought together, creates a wonderful and fabulous fiber exhibit.

Fabulour Fiber 5 #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA